Our Installation Service


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Our installation service is extensive & does not necessarily just include the installation and commissioning of the appliance and or fireplace.

It can also allow for the following:

The removal of any existing fireplace.

1. The reconfiguration of the opening including any new lintel requirements to take the new appliance and or fireplace.

2. All making good to the surrounding plasterwork that is deemed necessary;

3. The thorough sweeping of the chimney.

4. The rerouting of any gas pipe work.

5. The removal of illegal cowls & replacement with cowls to current standards

6. The relining of chimneys where necessary.

7. We can arrange for the disposal of all associated rubbish that results from an installation to our own skip.

It is important to note that if a client is not redecorating or recarpeting the area around the new installation we will endeavour to ensure a minimum level of disruption but can not guarantee there will not be some disturbance. However, this will all be discussed at the site survey, along with the extent of the installation service required.

The installation work is performed by our own engineers and we are Gas Safe Registered and HETAS (multifuel and wood burning) registered. This means that we are able to ensure that any building work done in connection with chimneys and fireplaces and any fire and stove installation conforms with building regulations without separate permission needing to be sought.

Certificates of compliance will be provided on completion of the works.